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Dream Catchers 2018-19

Dream Catcher 11th July 2019

Ada Von Der Decken : Radio Broadcast Journalist

Ada is one of our parents and works as a radio broadcast journalist. She writes about a range of subjects, interviewing different people here in the UK; which is then broadcast on the radio in Germany where she is from. She showed us the equipment she uses to record her interviews and explained the process involved in creating a radio broadcast. She has to interview people, write her piece and send it to the editors in Germany who edit it. They then return it and she records the final piece ready to be broadcast. It sounds a lot like how we write, edit and publish our written work at school. Ada had some really good advice about how it is important not to let anyone tell you that you can’t do the job that you want to do. If you are passionate about doing something you can succeed!

Dream Catcher 9th July 2019

Peter Grindrod : Space Scientist

Peter works as a space scientist at the Natural History Museum. As part of his job he visits meteorite crash sites all over the world and excavates them to find pieces of the meteorite to take back to the museum. He told us that they are sending a space rover to Mars to look for any signs of life and even brought an actual piece of Mars for us to see!

Dream Catcher 13th June 2019

Nikos Chandolias : Creative Technologist

Nikos works as a Creative technologist which is a fascinating job! He develops custom made software and hardware that is used to create performative electronic installations like the one below. It was really interesting to find out how technology and art can be combined in one job.

Dream Catcher 6th June 2019

Anna Godas : CEO Dogwoof Films

Anna studied film making and script writing at University and is now the CEO of Dogwoof films a leading documentary film company. They have created a number of OSCAR and BAFTA winning documentaries. Anna talked about how important it is to keep trying even when faced with difficulties which is something we promote to everyone at Moreland.

Dream Catcher 16th May 2019

Matt : Public Affairs Manager at the Children’s Society

Matt has a really inspirational job lobbying Parliament on behalf of the rights of children. He told us how much he enjoys giving children a voice and getting their views to the forefront. Some children in Year 6 worked with Matt’s colleagues to develop a questionnaire for the Children’s Society on mental health and wellbeing. We have enjoyed finding out about how we can influence decision making.

Dream Catcher 25th April 2019

Antonio Ribeiron: Film Director

Antonio works as a film director and makes films and documentaries, particularly focusing on social issues. He has also edited a number of films. He has worked all over the world. Antonio has recently worked with Moreland to make a short film with children in Year 5 about the Bunhill Energy project. This will be shown all over the world

Dream Catcher 21st March 2019

Dr Ceri Ashley : Archeologist

Ceri is an archeologist who works at the British Museum and is an expert in ceramics from Southern Africa. Ceri worked as an archeology professor in South Africa before joining the British Museum. She showed us some interesting artefacts and even helped Y3 identify some rocks in the playground after assembly.

Dream Catcher 27th February 2019

James Wilson : Islington Energy Centre Project Manager

James works for Islington Council in the Energy Centre. He told us all about his job promoting and managing green energy projects in Islington. He showed us a time lapse video of the building of Bunhill 2 the new green energy initiative on Moreland Street that will help provide heat to the school and community.

Dream Catcher 25th January 2019

Graham Hudson: Artist

Graham is an artist and tutor in sculpture at the Royal College of Art. His artwork is very exciting and relates to the field of psychology and the philosophical and scientific questions of mind and body. He has exhibited his work all over the world.

Dream Catcher 18th January 2019

Mercedes Maresca : Musician

Mercedes is a musician and our fantastic music teacher. She works at Moreland and another school in Tower Hamlets. She also performs with her band.

Dream Catcher 29th November 2018

Joanna Hamer: Operations Lead at Shift Design

Joanna works for an award winning charity that designs products and builds social ventures to solve social problems. Some of the children have been working with Joanna and her colleagues helping them to design and test a video game to help children to manage anxious feelings.

Dream catcher 22nd November 2018

Claire Thomas : Pastry Chef and owner of Caked Patisserie

After studying at the world famous Le Cordon Bleu school, Claire followed her dream and started her own business doing what she loves - making delicious, beautiful cakes for special occasions. She particularly enjoys making wedding cakes and being part of such a special day!