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Eco Team​​​​​​​

Meet the Team


Our Eco School Journey 

Welcome to our Eco Schools Journey 

We achieved our Green Flag status in 2020 and we are now hoping to do even more  to make Moreland a more sustainable and Eco aware school.

What is Eco-Schools?

Eco-Schools was founded in 1994, operates in 67 countries and engages 19.5 million young people globally. This makes Eco-Schools the largest educational programme on the planet.

The Seven Step framework supports young people of all ages and abilities to work together to plan, deliver, monitor and evaluate environmental actions in their school. Participating in the programme:

  • Engages young people in important environmental issues.
  • Demonstrates to pupils that environmental actions can be enjoyable, social and rewarding.
  • Teaches responsibility and generates a sense of community.
  • Develops the skills and knowledge young people need to play an active role in protecting our environment now and throughout their lifetimes.
  • Empowers students with the belief that they have the ability to positively impact our planet.
  • Enables schools to green their entire curriculum.
  • What is Eco Schools

Green Flag Status 

We have successfully achieved our Green Flag status for 2021 .

We will continue to work through the review and look at the COP26 resources to see how we can get involved with climate change and how we can make Moreland, our homes and the world a better more sustainable place. 

See below for COP26 resources:

Resources for schools

WWF Resources