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Lunch at Moreland

Food and sharing food are an important part of what we do as a school. At Moreland we use a type of meal service called Family service. Family service ensures that the children sit together at the same time and share the same meal; children will sit at the same table every day.

In the Early Years and Reception every table is supported by an adult who works with the children to help them serve their food, encourages them to eat and helps them learn to assist with clearing up after their meal. In Years 1 to 6 children serve their own food at the table supported by their class TA; all the children assist with clearing up. 

Lunch (and tea in the Children's Centre) which is healthy and nutritionally balanced, is provided by Caterlink who consult regularly with the school and the children about the menu. We will of course cater for vegetarians, medical or religious dietary needs or allergies. We are also very happy to work with you and your child to make sure that they are able to eat the food on offer- we know that some children can be fussy, but we are committed to working with you to help your child enjoy a wider range of foods. The children drink water with their food. Our kitchen and menu is Halal. 

In many schools children, even at Nursery age, simply queue up to have food dolloped onto ‘airline’ plates for them to carry to a table, eat and leave. At Moreland we are committed to Family service. We feel eating is more than just ‘refuelling’ but should be an informal social situation where children work together, share responsibilities, and make new friends across the school. We are committed to working with you to make lunchtime better for your child, but at Moreland lunch time will always be more to us than just food.

Please see below for information on Free School Meals. This information has been provided by Cambridge Education’s finance department. You will also see the current menu for the term.

Lunch Menu Autumn 2023

Caterlink sugar reduction

Caterlink who provide our school meals have taken part in a sugar reduction programme. Here is a summary of the results of Caterlink's two year sugar reduction programme, across Caterlink as a whole and also specifically here in Islington, that was aimed at reducing free sugars from desserts.  In Islington there has been a 71% reduction in sugar since the start of the programme and further facts and figures are available in the attachments.

Healthy Lunch Ideas