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Rewards and Motivators​​​​​​​

If you are finding it difficult to encourage your child to do something or complete an activity, use a motivator

First of all - he/she must choose a reward from their choice board e.g. bubbles, play with water, jump on the trampoline etc. 

Use the motivator card on his/her 'Now and Next' card to show him/her that he/she needs to complete a task/activity first and then/next he/she can have the motivator. 

Try and keep the task/activity short and simple. If he/she is still refusing to complete the task use 'hand on hand support' to complete the task together and give him/her the reward at the end of it. Over time, your child will understand that the quicker he/she completes a task the quicker he/she will achieve the reward. 

Who doesn't like a reward at the end of completing a difficult task?