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Social and Emotional Development​​​​​​​

If your child has developed a new 'enthusiasm of undesirable behaviour'

e.g. spitting, swearing, hitting and shouting etc. 

He/she will need a social story. You can personalise the social story by adding a photo of your child to each page 'doing the right thing' e.g. for spitting: Have a photo of your child using their mouth for eating, a photo using their mouth for singing, a photo for using their mouth for talking etc. So that they understand the 'expected' behaviour. You must use the social story every time they show the negative/undesirable behaviour. You must do this consistently for them to learn the new and desirable behaviour. Remember that the key is: Consistency!

Below is a document that was shared with practitioners as to how to support children who have difficulty managing anxiety and anger. There are lots of practical things you can do at home. If you need any help or advice on these, please speak to your class teacher or email the school and ask for the Inclusion Team.