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The Country Trust Food Discovery Project

A year-long project to support educators and their students in growing, eating and even selling food!

Our Food Discovery sessions are led by experienced Country Trust Coordinator Kieron. The children grow their own food, learn cooking skills and how to make some healthy, cheap and delicious recipes. 

They explore all aspects of food through farm visits, meeting food heroes, running a playground market and even preparing and sharing a Harvest Feast. We provide a safe environment for tasting food so that children develop food confidence, and we build and share knowledge that helps children to begin to make informed food choices.  (The Country Trust website) 

Year 3 have been selected to take part in this exciting project.

Session 4 Festive Family Cooking

This session we made some delicious Winter Veg Pitta pockets. We used carrots, brussel sprouts and parsnips to create a seasonal winter warmer. We developed our knife skills safely slicing and chopping the vegetables and enjoyed eating them!

It was great to have some parents join us.

Ash Class will have their session next Tuesday afternoon. 

Winter Veg Pitta Pockets

Session 3 Creating a wormery

We collected up food scraps and used them to make our wormery. 

We cut up the food nice and small for the worms to eat.

We found out lots of interesting facts about worms and enjoyed reading Yucky Worms. 

Session 2 Planting

We helped to prepare the beds and planted some vegetables. Watch this space to see how they grow. 

Session 1 Introduction and Tasting 

In our first session, we met our coordinator Kieron who explained what the project would be about. We were going to discover more about food, cooking and gardening by tasting and a range of healthy foods. We tasted cucamelon a cross between a cucumber and watermelon, mint, blackberries and even a plant called nasturtium which was a bit bitter.