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The School Day

At Moreland, the official school day begins at 8:50-9.00 am and ends at 3:30pm. This amounts to a minimum of 32.5 hours of compulsory school attendance per week. For activities running outside of these times, such as breakfast club and extra-curricular activities please see ‘School Clubs and wraparound’ linked below. 

A typical day at Moreland:

Time Activity
8.50 am Soft start – school gates open
9.00 am Official start to the school day
9:05 am Class story time
9:30 am Maths lesson
10:30 am Assembly
10:45 am Morning break
11.15 am  Whole Class Reading followed by English lesson


11.30 am

12.00 pm

12.30 pm


Lunch for EYFS

Lunch for Year 1 and 2

Lunch for Year 3 -6

13.30 pm Afternoon lessons – History, Geography, PE, Swimming, PSHE, RE, Music etc
3.20 pm End of the school day for nursery, reception
3.30 pm End of the school day for KS1 and KS2

Moreland operates a ‘soft start’ the day for all pupils. Children are encouraged to arrive at school at 8.50 a.m. and go straight to their classrooms. We don’t ask children to line up. The children are allowed to come straight into the classroom. The children are provided with an activity that will allow them to begin the day in a positive way.