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Wild Cities Biodiversity Project​​​​​​​

Site Survey Time with Salter's and Edible Landscapes London

We were so lucky to have Edible Landscape's London and the Salter's team come along to visit our school and help us conduct a site survey of our Forest School area. We were able to build on our previous understanding of biodiversity and recap some of the new vocabulary we had learnt at the Launch day. 

We played some games and also got the opportunity to design a new green space. We chose our pond area as we have not been able to use it and we would love to be able to create a wonderful pond that we can use to learn even more about biodiversity and provide a haven for different plants and animals. 

We measured the area using standard and non standard units of measurement and then did some research  with our team of experts to choose some initial features of our design. 

It was such a brilliant day as we had not ever had the chance to design something like that before. We worked collaboratively with each other to share our ideas.

Next step is to refine our ideas and do some more research into what we would like to feature in our new green space. 

Watch this space for our next steps on our biodiversity journey. 

We were invited to the Wild Cities Launch day at Salter's hall. 

This trip gave us a chance to explore Biodiversity, we completed a questionnaire and also had the chance to investigate soil as we took a sample of soil from our Forest School area and we found out that our soil was clay based. 

We had a look of fun learning and investigating. We learnt so many new words to describe different parts of the Forest and found out what types of plants and animals live in each layer. 

Salter's Wild City Biodiversity Competition

Year 5s to explore local biodiversity & enter our Wild City photography competition. The 5 winners will see their school class compete to win the chance to design their own green space for their school that


will bring to life!


Year 5 Rowan Class took part in the Salter's Wild Cities Biodiversity Project.

The first stage was to submit a photo that showed an aspect of biodiversity. We had 12 entrees and Malika's photo won the first stage of the competition. Well done Malika!