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Week 1 - 20.4.20

This term in English our termly goal is to write a Greek myth. As a part of our cross-curricular link we will be learning all about Ancient Greece in topic. In the topic section you will be able to access all the geography and history activities to support your learning.  

Lesson 1 - Identifying when to use pronouns

Have a go at watching the two video clips attentively and then have a go at the three activities.

Lesson 2 - Ancient Greece 

Your task is to listen to some Greek Myths and write down what each Greek God is responsible for and what powers they possess.


Mild - listen and re-tell the story to an adult.

Spicy - listen to minimum three stories and write a summary for one of your favourite stories.

Hot - Listen to three stories and summarise all three. Choose one story to read to an adult, and explain why it stood out for you. 

Lesson 3 


Use the internet to find the meanings of the following key vocabulary.


Acropolis , Agora,  Ancient, Archons, Bronze age, Deity, Scholar, Aegean Sea, Athens, Sparta, Homer, Myth, Trojan war

Lesson 4 


Read the story 'About The Odyssey And Homer' (Chapter 1) - Summarise the chapter to an adult



Lesson 5 


Read chapters 2, 3 and 4 from 'The Odyssey'. Summarise what has happened so far in 2/3 paragraphs. Remember a summary is a highlight of key events in the story and not a re-tell of the story. Next, write down a prediction for the next chapter.