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Week 3 - 4.5.20


Word of the day - Vibrate

Lesson 1 - Imagine you are Odysseus and you are still stuck in the island of Ogygia. Write a letter to your wife Penelope telling her all about your detailed journey after being victorious in the Trojan war.

Ideas to mention in your letter;

  • Being a prisoner on the island
  • Trapped in a cave with Cyclops
  • Receiving a gift from Aeolus
  • Meeting king and queen of Laestrygones (cannibals)
  • Arriving at Circe’s palace where your men turn into pigs after eating her food
  • Making a trip to the land of the dead.

With all these ideas remember to mention how Odysseus was feeling throughout his journey. For example a sense of being lost, losing hope, struggling to keep his army of men in line, missing his beloved homeland and family.

Include the 5 W’s to support the structure of your writing - Who, what, when, where, why.

Include the characters 5 senses. Explain how he felt throughout his voyage.  


Mild – write one of the problems you came across in detail.








Spicy/hot – Draw your own bottle and write 3/4 moments from the journey. Use the feelings word bank below to support your writing.  

Include the 5 W’s to support the structure of your writing - Who, what, when, where and why. 










Word of the day – Curious

Lesson 2: Have a look through the Alan Peat sentence structure cards. Have a go at re-writing these sentences adding these features in the example text below. Hot and spicy have a go at writing some of your own sentences using these features.  




Use the word bank below to support your writing.


  1. “Here, eat these _______________, _________________ herbs.”
  2. I sat by the __________________, _______________shore in the Island of Ogygia.
  3. Zeus sat on his ______________, _______________throne and raised his ______________, ________________ trident into the air.
  4. The _____________, _______________ girls gave a squeal of shock when they saw Odysseus .
  5. The ________________, _________________ wind and ______________, _______________ rain lashed the little raft until it was smashed to pieces.




Re-write these sentences as BOYS sentences.

  1. Cyclops is a gigantic, ruthless monster. He was outsmarted by Odysseus.
  2. Odysseus returned to his palace as an old man. He had to wait before he could reclaim back him thrown.   
  3. “We have hardly any food or water. We do have some fancy wine with us.”
  4. Odysseus ate the herbs. He was not affected by Circe’s magic.
  5. I grabbed hold of the mast of the ship. I would have been eaten by the six headed monster Scylla.






Fill in the gap using a verb. Follow the rule above.


  1. _________________ across the sea, Odysseus almost _______________ as we came to a halt.
  2. ________________ the muggy cave, I _______________ to take a moment to regroup my men.
  3. ________________ out of the ground, the six headed monster _______________ in front of the ship.
  4. ________________ towards Ithaca, my men and I ________________  and ______________ the ground with joy.
  5. __________________ down the cliff, Odysseus _______________ flat on his face.


Word bank

Tumbling                    landed                       

Marching                    jumped

Spiralling                    dropped

sailing                         stopped

escaping                     kissed




Word of the day – Cruel

Lesson 3: When writing a Greek myth, we will be including dialogue between characters. So, today’s lesson is about how to punctuate dialogue.

Watch – To remind yourself how to punctuate your sentence when using a speech mark.


Now, listen to the story of Athena and Medusa – Stop at intervals where characters are using dialogue. Write down the dialogue using speech marks.

Remember speech marks start when someone speaks. The speech mark goes after the last word spoken. “Are we safe yet?” said Odysseus. Read back your sentence and check if you have put your punctuation in the correct place.


Mild –re-write these sentences. Put the punctuation in the correct place.

(“   ”   ,   !   …    .     ?)

My this is a beautiful temple it is a shame it was wasted on Athena, for I am so much prettier

Fain and foolish girl Athena said angrily

Do you think you are prettier than I am

There is more to life than beauty alone

Nonsense Athena retorted beauty fades swiftly in all mortals




Hot and spicy – listen and write dialogue from the video. Now write a few of your own dialogues using the correct punctuation.













Word of the day – Serene

Lesson 4 – Dialogue is a great way of developing your character and creating tension. Have a look at these sentences and see how the author has used different types of speech to develop the character/tension. What can you tell about the character and how was the tension built?


1. “Fine transport? You mean a bus? What’s fine ‘bout a bus? If I could, I would spend all day on one of ‘em hover fings. Now, that’s fine transport!”


2. “Good day sir,” said an older gentleman while waiting for the bus. “What fine weather we appear to be having.”


3. “You what?” exclaimed a second man, who also happened to be waiting. “What is you on about? It’s well ‘ot and I ain’t likin’ it.”


4. “I do beg your pardon; it’s just that I rarely manage to leave the house these days and I find a spot of sunshine to be most beneficial. I rather enjoy these rare moments of bliss, riding upon fine transport and sheltering beneath this charming infrastructure.”


5. “Why? We’ve got less than five seconds before we’re buried forever!” yelled Medusa.


6. “Penelope, run!” Odysseus screamed, “I can see the cave starting to collapse!”


7. “We’ve got to try. If we don’t,we’ll be trapped in here for sure.”


8.“We’re not going to make it!” Eurylochus panicked. “There’s not enough time to get out!”


Now have a go at writing a dialogue between Odysseus and other characters from the story. Remember Odysseus was a king, he was brave, intelligent, courageous, a hero. How can you show this in your writing?

Mild – You can record a conversation between you and someone you are speaking to.











Word of the day – Stutter

Lesson 5 – P4C