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Art and DT

Week 2


Our project this term is to upcycle old clothes. Today, we are going to use an old t-shirt to create a bag.  Please make sure you ask permission before you grab someone's t-shirt and use it! 

There is an easy version and a slightly harder version. If you decide to do the harder option, ask permission before use the needles and thread.

You can either read the instructions or watch the video.


DIY T-Shirt Bag

Easy DIY T shirt into tote bag no sewing required! This easy DIY T shirt tote bag only takes 10 minutes to make with things you already have!

Week 4


We are continuing with our up cycling clothes project. This week, see if you can use an old t-shirt to make a cushion cover. As always, please ask before you nab somebody’s t-shirt! 

Week 5

Our theme for this term is Up cycling.  Try recycling your tin cans by turning them into flower pots or pencil organisers.Please make sure you are supervised

3 SUPER EASY TIN CAN DESIGNS! Tin Can Recycle Crafts