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Autumn 1

Week Seven


We finished a half term of fantastic learning by turning our classroom into Olive Class Museum!


We spent this week preparing our work to display in our museum. We talked about what we had learnt over the half term and then thought about which work we would like to display.


We have been very busy and had lots of work to share with our families in the museum but we decided to show our African masks with our sketchbooks, our learning about Mary Seacole, our stories set in African and our work on World Maps. 


We set up the Class Museum altogether, and then on Friday our families were invited to come and have a look round.


Our families had a brilliant time and so did we!

Week Six


In PE this half term we have been doing Gymnastics.


We have been learning how to be 'champion' gymnasts and moving our bodies in narrow and wide shapes.


We have also learnt how to use the apparatus safely and sensibly, and move across it in a variety of ways.

Week Five


This week we have been making African masks.


We drew plans in our sketchbooks using pencil, pencil crayon and oil pastels. 


After that, we made paper mache balloons. When these were dry, we cut the balloons in half to make the mask. 


Then we used our plan to decorate our mask using lots of different colours. We will be adding more detail next week!

Week Four


This week we had a fantastic trip to Little Angel Theatre.


We watched the performance 'There's a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom' and we loved it!


In the show we learnt about ways that we can help save animals by being kinder to the planet. When we got back from our trip, we made posters telling others what we could do to help the environment.

Week Three


This week we have been drawing self-portraits.


We looked at our faces in mirrors and talked about what features we have on our face. After that we looked at some self-portraits by some artists and had a go at drawing our own.


Look at how fantastic they are!

Week One and Week Two 


We have had a great first two weeks in Year 1! 


It has been our Science block and our topic has been 'Animals Including Humans'.


We have been learning about animals, learning how to classify them and creating our own animal information booklets. 


Have a look at our brilliant work!