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Autumn 1

Week 7 & 8

Forest School


We had great fun in forest school and even learnt some new skills e.g. tying knots, building shelters, minibeast hunting, leaf printing, mud kitchen etc.

Week 6


This week we learnt about germs and how we can prevent them from spreading. We used glitter to show the germs on our hands.. Next we picked up items and touched different things to see how easily germs spread... Finally we washed our hands and made sure we washed them thoroughly to get rid of any germs (glitter). 

Week 5

Rosa Parks


This week we have been exploring our class text Rosa Parks and learning all about biographies. 


First we sequenced the story in pairs to get a better understanding and wrote our own caption for each part of the story. 

Then we carried out a hot seating activity where the children thought of questions they would like to ask Rosa Parks.


The children then took it in turns to get into role as Rosa Parks while the other children asked them questions. They had to really think about how Rosa felt and why she did what she did to be able to respond in character. 

Week 4

Maths - Multiplication


This week we have been practising all of the different ways we can multiplying. We learnt multiplying by grouping as well as multiplying by making adding. We used cups and cubes to help us see multiplication visually. 

Week 3


The Suffragettes


We had a very special visit from a suffragette who told us all about women's fight for equal rights.

This links in with our topic where we are learning about Emily Davison and all of the women who worked together to stand up for women's rights.

Week 2


The Science Museum


We took a trip to the Science Museum to explore the Pattern Pod. We thought about the properties of the materials and then linked this to what their uses could be. When we explored the pattern pod, we spoke about texture and used our senses to discuss the different materials. 

Week 1 


Science - Everyday Materials


For our science topic this term we are looking at everyday materials and their uses. 


The children worked in pairs to explore different objects we have in the school and discussed their properties. We were looking to see if the objects were soft, hard, waterproof, absorbent, rough smooth, flexible, elastic and squishy.


As we explored the objects we completed a table to show their properties.

We also learnt about how the shapes of objects made from some materials can be changed.


We had a selection of different objects which were all made from different materials. We worked in pairs to squash, bend, twist and stretch each object. We then completed a table with our findings.