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Autumn 1



Creating Our Fan Boats


This week we tested our fan boats out on water. We were all very excited as we had been designing and creating our boats for a few weeks leading up to the testing. We took our boats out on to the terrace and placed them on the water, making sure we had connected all our wires to get our motors running. We then evaluated our boat thinking of two things that went well and one that we would improve on. Enjoy looking at our boats below!




The Garden Classroom - Citizens of the world unite!


This week we had the pleasure of going to kings square garden and participating in the workshop with The Garden Classroom. We played team games to build relationships promoting good mental health and wellbeing. We used our communication skills in the deathly ravine game, building a pathway across our ravine using only some lilly pads! We used a potato peeler to create a wand, wittling off the bark and using pens to decorate them. We even created a flag of friendship to display in our classroom with hammers and leaves.




National Poetry Day


Today the students had an amazing workshop by the poet Joshua Seigal. He read some of his published work and showed us one of his new poems too. He was really interactive and we really enjoyed joining in when we could! when we went back to our classrooms we continued learning, we even had a go at writing some poems ourselves based on his work the poem entitled Choices. 



Choices - By Joshua Seigal



the choice is easy,

like picking pepperoni pizza

from the restaurant menu. 



the choice if tough,

like deciding which friend

to have for a sleepover. 



the choice is cowardly, 

like hiding behind the sofa

when the monster comes on telly.


And sometimes 

the choice is brave

like picking up the pen

and writing this poem.



Science- Forces and Magnets


Over the last two weeks we have been learning all about forces and magnets. We have investigated friction, magnets and using compasses. 

Today using our knowledge about magnets and how they work, we created our own magnetic game! Have a look at our creations below!