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Autumn 1

Week 7 - Music Lessons

In our music lessons, we have been singing ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams. We have been learning how to play the glockenspiel along with the song. We learnt different parts so then we could play in harmony together. Some children also had a go at improvising to the piece of music.  

Week 6 - Biography Writing


It has been so interesting learning about Katherine Johnson's amazing life, role at NASA and legacy. In our English lessons this week, we have written detailed biographies about her life and achievements. We began by reading examples of biographies and identifying the key features that we should include in our own. Then, we researched and planned our own work, using sub-headings to organise our ideas. Finally, we put all of our knowledge together to write some fantastic biographies. 

Week 6 - Fake News Workshop

Year 6 were joined by 'Connect Futures' for a workshop called 'Fake News, Extremism and Truth'. The workshop helped us all to consider what we should believe online and how we can be sure if we can trust something or not. We learnt about the rule of 3, meaning that it is best to check 3 different sources of news about the same story before we believe something. It was very interesting finding out about how different groups of people use the internet in ways to trick people, and the practical steps that we can take to keep ourselves safe.

Week 5 - National Poetry Day

We celebrated National Poetry Day on the 7th October. We were very lucky and had a visit from poet Joshua Seigal. He performed some poetry to us and helped us to plan and write our own creative poems. We also wrote poems about 'Choices' inspired by Joshua Seigal's poem. The children thought about easy, tough, cowardly and brave choices that they make before writing and performing their work.

Week 4 - Drama in English Lessons

We have been really enjoying reading our English text 'Hidden Figures'. We have been immersing ourselves in the text by acting out some key parts. We imagined we were applying for a job at NASA and then role-played a job interview where we asked each other questions. As well as this, we worked in partners to act out a court scene between Mary Jackson and the judge. It has been lots of fun!

Week 3 - South Downs Residential

We had a fantastic trip on our residential to South Downs. We took part in lots of outdoors activities and got to explore the beautiful countryside. The children loved seeing all the animals and running up the hills! It was very relaxing admiring the views and watching the sunset. We also had a chance to pick blackberries which we made into delicious blackberry jam. It was really exciting getting to spend a night in Sussex and the whole class have gone away with lots of memories.

Week 1 & 2 - Science in Cedar Class

In Year 6, we have been learning about Electricity in our Science lessons. We have been making complete circuits using a range of circuit components as well as investigating how to make a bulb brighter or dimmer in a circuit. Year 6 have enjoyed learning about circuit symbols and how to draw scientific circuits. They have applied all of their knowledge and skills to creating some fantastic electric quiz games that you can see them playing in the photos.