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Autumn 1


This term our topic is Windrush.

In our last topic lesson we learnt about the presence of African and Caribbean people in Britain before 1945.

We were given primary sources and then gathered clues about the past before discussing the contributions of African and Caribbean people to Britain’s past.




We were excited to learn that during The Roman Times, North African soldiers were stationed at Hadrian’s Wall!


During the first two weeks of term we immersed ourselves in our science topics of electricity and sound.

In the first week, we experimented with constructing circuits and investigated how to make lights glow brighter and buzzers to ring louder.


Then we spent the second week learning all about how sound is created by vibrations and investigated how to change the pitch of musical instruments. Did you know that pitch is the measure of how low or high a sound is and that is determined by how fast or slow the vibrations are.




Migration museum

Year 4 visited the migration museum to learn and understand about the diverse communities they live in. We learnt about different experiences of people from across the world and understood reasons why people migrated to Britain.