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Autumn 2

9th December 2021

This week Pear Class visited Kings Square Garden for some outdoor learning around the book ‘Stickman’. They acted out parts of the story and played some listening games with each other. It was very cold and so we had a safe fire and drank hot chocolate to warm up!

1st December 2021

Today the children were very engage with a challenge that was set - to build a moat around a castle! Some children were’nt sure what a moat was so we looked at pictures in books and other children explained. We then set to work building our castle and working out which way is best to dig the sand. There was a lot of problem solving, resilience and collaboration on this task. Well done Pear Class!

16th November 2021

The children have enjoyed exploring the investigation room this week. Some children were challenged to build a bridge. They were very keen to make it at interesting as they could and were engrossed in the activity for a sustained period of time. 

5th November

The children have loved exploring our water area this week. They have created their own guttering systems to transport water from the water tray all the way over to the sandpit. They showed great collaboration and teamwork!