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Autumn 2

Week 3

London Metropolitan Archives


We visited the London Metropolitan archives to learn the many ways we can find out about the Great Fire and to discover sources of information such as newspaper articles or eyewitness account. The story of the fire was described alongside various historical paintings which showed the different stages of the fire. 

Week 2



This week we acted out the story of Toby and the Great Fire of London. We used props and learnt how to change the tone of our voice to express different emotions get into character. We also practiced performing in front of an audience and learnt how to be supportive of our friends when watching their performances. 


Week 1 


We started the new half term off with a really exciting trip to the Museum of London. In the workshop we had an amazing storyteller bring the story of the Great Fire of London to life. We also had a look around London, War and Plague gallery. We saw lots of artefacts from around the time of the fire and learnt about how people lived in 1666.