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Autumn 2

Science in Fir Class


We recreated the digestive system, with a plastic bag full of food representing the stomach and the tights representing the large and small intestines. We really enjoyed our investigation and liked testing what happens to food when it enters our bodies. 

Christmas Concert 


Today, some of us were lucky enough to perform in a special concert for our classmates and parents with the Year 5 children. We have been practicing a lot and were very excited to have the chance to share our songs with everyone. Thank you so much to all the parents who were able attend!



Literacy in Fir Class


Today, we finished off publishing our refugee diary entries, describing the journey and experiences of refugee children. Then we peer-marked our diary entries in partners, before several of us read our work out loud to the whole class.

RE in Fir Class


Today we created our own lanterns for our school’s International Day. We used willow to create the structure of our lanterns and then covered them in white tissue paper. Then we decorated the lanterns with religious symbols. This afternoon we will perform a light parade around the playground for the parents.

Assembly from the Real Eastenders 

Today, we were visited by the Real Eastenders, a creative collaboration between the Museum of London Docklands and Moth Physical Theatre. They took the children through from the Victorian times to the 20th century in an assembly-style performance. It was so much fun and we even had the change to participate in the show!

PE in Fir Class


In PE we are doing gymnastics and today we worked in pairs to create Bridges using different balancing poses. We practiced four different poses and then we performed them in front of the class.