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Tuesday 5.5.20

Lesson 1.

This week, we will be learning movement. 


First, watch the video below, it will explain what you need to know about movement. 

Try these tasks.

Wednesday 6.5.20

Lesson 2.

Now it is time to move onto Pirate Maths.

Ready for a challenge! 

Get the pirate to the treasure but avoid the crocodiles and don't bump into the palm trees!

Thursday 7.5.20

Lesson 3.

Clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Part of learning about movement and direction is knowing which way to turn. Sometimes you will be asked to turn right or left, but sometimes you will be asked to turn clockwise or anti-clockwise. Please see the powerpoint below to help you learn clockwise and anticlockwise. 
Complete the below activity to see if you have understood clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

You may be asked to quarter turn, half turn or full turn clockwise or anti-clockwise so recap fractions to help you. Please see the video and picture below.

Think you're ready?

Try the worksheet below.