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Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura

On Monday 19th April, we started to explore our new book. First, we made predictions; then we read the book, clarified any difficult words and asked each other questions about the book.

'Stone Age Boy'

On Wednesday 21st April, we had a go at retelling our new book - ‘Stone Age Boy’. In groups, we prepared and acted out the story. Then, we looked at the illustrations and used our imagination to redesign the front cover for the book.

New vocabulary

On Monday 26th April, we learned how to use Descriptosaurus and some decoding strategies to expand the vocabulary, add detail and depth to our writing.

Debate it!

On Tuesday 27th April, we created an interesting debate! Is it ok to hunt animals or not?

We developed many arguments and supported them with some great evidence.

Hot Seating!

On Wednesday 28th April, we Hot Seated our two main characters from "Stone Age Boy". We asked them some interesting questions to find as much information as we could about their personality, life, family and things they like to do.

Setting description

On Thursday 6th May, we used different pictures from the story and our senses to describe the settings.