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We are going to work on developing a 3D contour map and developing your map making skills.


Look at the powerpoint about Contour maps.

Then complete the activity for building a contour map

Reading Maps

We read maps, we use co-ordinates to help us find certain parts of a map.


Co-ordinates are used in Maths as well.


Try this game of Battleships.


Think about how you can name the squares using the axis

When we create maps, they have to smaller than the original object or place.


To create the maps, we use a map scale which is the size of an object compared to the size of the object's smaller representative on a map.

When we read a map, we use a reference to identify the space on a grid.


These references come as number. We have seen 2-figure numbers references in Maths with axis, look through the Powerpoint about 4-figure number references and then complete the exercises.

Now that you have learnt about 4-figure references, we shall learn how to read a map with a 6-figure reference.  Most maps that are used in day to day life use a 6-figure reference guide.

What do all these symbols on a map mean?


Read the Powerpoint and complete the exercises to find out.



Can you create a map of your own, using all the skills that you have learnt?