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Global Citizenship

What is Culture?

Today, we explored our culture and the cultures of our classmates. We found all the things that make us unique and special. 

How do my actions impact my environment?

We started our session with 'A Place for Plastic', an illustrated picture book which follows the journey of a plastic bag that has been thrown away after a single use and ends up in the ocean. After that, Ash class carried on a discussion about the plastic pollution, recycling and the environment. We all agreed that we would like to raise awareness of the issues and concerns regarding plastic.

"We can find plastic everywhere! Plastic can damage our environment and then all the animals" ~ Ayah

"They are places like forests, rivers and seas that should be free of our plastic rubbish" ~ Albie

"Sea creatures are dying because of our plastic trash" ~ Zainab

"If you have something old, you shouldn't throw it away. Recycle it instead, so it can be reuse." ~ Romeo

"People could sell their stuff or give to charity, instead of throwing it away" ~ Muzamil

How can I solve arguments effectively and fairly?

Today, we started our session with a Grandmother’s footsteps Game! After, we had a discussion based on these questions:

How did you feel in the game of grandmother’s footsteps.

Did it seem fair?

Was anyone getting a bit cross about being sent back?

Our discussion was very emotional. 

"You did it, because you like them, not me as a friend!" ~ Ayah

"I felt so cross with her, it wasn't fair!" ~ Malak

"I tried my best and I was sent back." ~ Hajir

Then, we talked about what counts as an argument and if arguments are always bad.

"When both people get angry, they shout at each other and say some nasty things." ~ Muzamil

"When you argue, you hurt people's feelings." ~ Amber

"Sometimes people get furious and they hurt each other physically." ~ Romeo

"Arguing is like a conversation, so it can be good." ~ Suhayla

We also wrote on postits some of the reasons why people might argue and then we talked about how can we resolve arguments.