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Head Boy and Head Girl Manifestos​​​​​​​


Hello Moreland. My name is Aliyah and I want to be Head Girl. 

I’m going to tell you why you should choose me. I am self-assured and comfortable talking in front of both pupils and staff. I am a strong leader. I am a sensible and responsible child, who has been at Moreland for six years and it would be my pleasure to be the Head Girl. I have good organisation and communication skills. And I’m prepared to show resilience in tough situations. In my experience, head girl requires the ability to inspire those around you, while equally being motivated to create a calm, comfortable and memorable year. I want to make it my mission to help increase the overall academic success in the school and make a positive environment so children are delighted to be going to our lovely school.

As head girl it's my job to make sure everyone feels like they have a voice. As Head Girl I want to make it easy for ideas to be shared and listened to. I have lots of ideas including; A culture week. As well as just studying peoples cultures why not show them in action? It’s a fun way of expressing culture and belief. We could do something every day of the week and try new traditional foods .Also I know that people here get annoyed when an adult takes away your snack. I want to help solve that problem and  introduce a tuck shop in the school. That serves healthy and yummy snacks that children can have at lunch time and break time. For example, carrots and hummus, which I really recommend. You could maybe pay for the snacks with dojos. Or maybe we can make little Moreland Money coins that your teachers could give you. A way to fund for this goal is by having an international cook off. Where children,  parents and even staff can cook tasty delicacies from all around the world. You pay to taste the meals and an entrance fee to come into the “dinner hall”. The more on demand the food, the higher the price. It’s a totally cost free event and could give children a chance to boost their skills in cooking. Now I know that you would all vote for me if I said there would be no homework again but I’m afraid that won’t happen any time soon. However, I believe a problem shared is a problem solved. What I mean is that you go to The Head Girl or Head Boy and we’d solve the problem together. Another point is a school newspaper or magazine. Have you ever dreamed of having your face on the front cover of a top magazine? Well I reckon that a school newspaper or magazine could really make children feel included and help boost confidence, which is a key part of life. It could get sent out every week or two. We could start a lunch time journalism club for anyone who wants to help write the newspaper that I can run. Lastly I think the Wellbeing team, the Junior Farmers, the Eco Team, the Reading Leaders and School Council should all have a group meeting every three weeks to share ideas as a group as well as their separate meetings.

In conclusion, I believe the school would benefit if I were to be Head Girl as I would represent Moreland proudly.. In me the school will find a confident girl who will not only lead with passion but bring pride to the school. I know Moreland is a great school and is worth a lot. And I will always go the extra mile for my school. Thank you for listening and please vote for me, as it will be a decision you won’t regret. 


Hi my name is Aras. I would like to be Head Boy at Moreland because I am positive because I always look at the bright side. I am passionate because I never back down from anything and I am hard-working because I am aware of how challenging the role of being head boy is and I am still trying my best to become it.

I will try and raise money for musical instruments, activities and more equipment for the playground. I will stamp out any bullies by politely asking them to stop and being available for any pupil to come and talk to me. I will have them to get a teacher to deal with it and make sure they are ok. If a pupil has a new club idea, I will try my best to persuade teachers to make a new club because i think some people might not like any clubs at the moment. I will help to run new clubs at lunchtime too.

I have some new ideas for school that I think would make Moreland even more fun. For example, it would be great to make the end of term class parties even better. We can have balloons and maybe even confetti to make them exciting. I think it would be great to have arts and craft activities taking place in the eco pod at breaks and lunchtimes for people who don't want to play outside. I also think classes should have an ideas box for children to put their thoughts in. I would collect up their ideas to share with school council.

I would listen to any pupils' ideas and politely ask one of the head teachers if that plan could work. I would be very proud of myself if I could be Head Boy because I have been in this school for about 8 years, so for my last year so I would love it if I could be head boy.



Hello my name is Batuhan or Batu if you like. I would like to be head boy at Moreland because I have been at this school for eight years and I would like to give back to the school for having me and this would be one of my favourite memories at Moreland primary school.

I believe that I am a good role model and I will be kind to the pupil. I will be mature. I will help if anybody needs help to do something I will help you or your friends. If anybody comes new to the school I will show them around and show them where there class is and tell them who their teacher is and make them feel welcomed and safe and tell them the Moreland way: ready, respectful and safe.

At break time I will do my best to do a football club for everybody to join and even if you are a girl and people tell you girls can not play football. I will prove them wrong. I’m going to try to make school fun by playing games you want on the playground, that maybe your friends don’t want to play. You can come find me and I will  play with you with no hesitation. In my final year at Moreland, I want to make you guys run to school! I will listen to your ideas and try my best to make them happen. However big or small your idea, come and talk to me.

My good ideas for the school :

 1.if you are good for the week in school in  celebration assembly it could be a certificate so free time on Friday break time and then The head boy/girl take them up to their class.

2.Net over the pitch

3.Different clubs like cricket club and rounders because last year  in my class the girls went to a cricket tournament and we should get good at that to and rounders because rounder’s is fun and you will enjoy it

4. I will try to get better equipment for the playground by doing fun money raising activities like a lemonade stand, make the pupils make biscuit while making fun at the same time so we can sell them and get money

5.we can do a tournament for the least food waste each week and if you do you can get 5 dojo’s for your whole class

6. We can do more class battle in Timestables  rockstar and if your class win you can get 2 dojos by your teacher

Thank you for your time to listen to me and please vote because you will not regret your choice by voting me.


Being a head boy or girl is an important job, you have great responsibility; you have to have good behaviour and have to be a good role model. Head boy and girl also are the head pupils of the school council. 

To be Head Boy you have to have many important qualities. The qualities I have that I think would make me a good head boy are that I am smart, I am  kind, I am determined, I am respectful and I am hard-working. I know that I would be a good role model to the younger pupils and would like to represent the school.

Ideas I have for Moreland are some club ideas. Now I am not promising that these will come true but the clubs are reading for people who want to expand their passion of reading, cricket club because last year the girls in my class had a cricket tournament and rounders because who doesn't like rounders.

My promise to Moreland is that I will be a head boy who will be a role model who is responsible, kind, respectful and of course like everyone one should I will be behaving well.

That’s my manifesto. Thank you for listening to me.


My fellow students, my name is Selina, and today we are all here to hear each other's speeches, so telling mine to you is really an honour. Being head girl is a good opportunity for me . I know it's an important role so I want to make sure I'm right for it. As I am in year six, I want to be prepared for secondary school and what's ahead  of me, so being head girl will hopefully make me ready for it .


If I get chosen for head girl I know I have lots of qualities that make me the best choice for the job.

I'm open to all ideas, I am helpful, I’m really truthful , I’m kind, I can be really positive and I can be really caring. This would make be a great choice for you.


My ideas for Moreland would mainly depend on what you as pupils want. I would listen to your ideas and try to put them into action. For example, some ideas I have are:

 A net over the pitch so we stop losing footballs

More awards for celebration assembly

Free time at the end of Friday to reward good behaviour

If you’re good for a whole year you get a big award like a day trip or a big disco ,

More toys for wet play. We could fundraise to get money for this.

More non uniform day so children will feel like they have more freedom to express themselves.

More clubs ( roblox club,rounders,cricket,cooking) and year 6 pupils could help to run these clubs.

As some things cost money I will do charity to raise money to get you the things you want.

Being in year 6 makes it 3 years since I joined Moreland and I have really enjoyed it I know it may not be 6 years or 5 years but it has felt like it and all my memories are just amazing , and that what makes me happy so I will do everything to make my last year the best but also everyone else to enjoy Moreland just as much as I did.

I will try my best to be the best head girl Because I want to be the reason people smile:))))

Thank you all for listening to me today.


Hello everyone. My name is Imane and I would like to be head girl  at Moreland for lots of reasons. I can also tell you that I'm kind, loyal and caring to others around the school so I would be a great Head Girl.

I have been at Moreland for seven years now and I would like to be prepared and ready for secondary school. I want to give back to those who have helped me throughout these fantastic years . It would make me very  proud  because it's really important to the school and has lots of responsibilities, like extra jobs and duties. I believe that I am loyal and trustworthy to the pupils every day at school. I ‘ll make sure everyone is having fun ,playing together being there for one another . In my  last year of Moreland , I want to give joy to everyone around the school ,taking care of one another and making sure everyone is happy. I know that I would like to attend meeting and show people around .I would like everyone to enjoy school and have fun .My promise to Moreland is to be the best head girl I can be!

My ideas for Moreland are…

every week we can weigh all the food waste and the class with the least food waste gets 3 dojo points. It is important not to waste too much food to protect the environment.

we can have more fund raising days  for charities 

We can open the library for children to use at lunch times.