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What are rocks?

Today, we learned about the three different types of rock. We read the information and watched video clips of the formation of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks. We also spoke about the human-made rocks like concrete and bricks.

Then, we worked in groups with a selection of rocks. We had to label them and group before deciding whether the rock is natural or human made.

We also became rocks detectives and investigated different types of rocks! We looked at their properties and made observation in relation to their permeability and durability. To test permeability, we added a few drops of water using the pipette onto the rock and observed whether it is absorbed.

What is soil?

First, we went outside to look at different types of soil and thought about what could be living in the soil. Then we looked at the diagram of the different layers of soil present in the ground and learned about the soil formation process.

We also used the different types of soil to investigate soil permeability. First, we made predictions regarding the permeability. Then, we observed carefully and recorded our findings in a table using scientific language.

What are fossils?

We learned about types of fossils, Mary Anning’s life, her fossil find and the contribution to the field of palaeontology.

We enjoyed a lot making our own fossils out of clay!