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Song of the Week

Count on me by Bruno Mars

A touching song about the true meaning of friendship from pop superstar, Bruno Mars.

Your task for this week will be to memorise the lyrics!
You can ask your family to join you and learn the song with you!
Once you practice it few times complete the activities scroll down and you will find them after the video). The lyrics are below.

Count on me- by Bruno Mars

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I'll sail the world to find you.
And if you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see,
I'll be the light to guide you.
Find out what we're made of,
when we are called to help our friends in need.

You can count on me like one, two, three, I'll be there,
And I know when I need it, I can count on you like four, three, two,
And you'll be there
'Cos that's what friends are s'posed to do, oh, yeah,
Ooo, ooo, yeah, yeah.

If you're tossing and you're turning and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song beside you.
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me,
Everyday I will remind you.
Find out what we're made of,
When we are called to help our friends in need.

You can count on me like one, two, three, I'll be there
And I know when I need it, I can count on you like four, three, two,
You'll be there,
'Cos that's what friends are s'posed to do, oh, yeah
Ooo, ooo, yeah, yeah.

You'll always have my shoulder when you cry,
I'll never let go, never say 'goodbye'

You can count on me like one, two, three, I'll be there
And I know when I need it, I can count on you like four, three, two,
You'll be there,
'Cos that's what friends are s'posed to do, oh, yeah,
Ooo, ooo,

You can count on me cos' I can count on you.

Activities to help you memorise Count on me

Raise my voice

​Song of the Week

Raise my voice

"Strong side by side, we lift those who fall.
Stand by your friends and we hear when they call..."

​I really like this song!

Click on the video to learn the whole song!

Here are plenty of activities for you to do, thanks to sing

You can invite your family to join you!Have fun!

Activities based around the song Raise my voice

This feel-good number is written by Carrie and David Grant and we’re sure you’ll love it. It’s about all the ways you can raise your voice, not only in song, but also to express your feelings and ambitions.

Learn the song by listening to the performance track and clapping along to the beat. Listen out for the chorus (the ‘Raise my voice’ section). Can you count how many times it’s repeated? Here’s a clue – it’s between one and five! Listen to the song again and as you do, notice the catchy introduction (‘Eh, eh, eh’) and join in. The verses are quite ‘wordy’ so start by speaking the lyrics slowly to make sure that you can fit them all in.

What do you think the song is about? Look through the lyrics for some ideas. What words stand out? Do you think it’s about taking responsibility? Or perhaps building self- confidence, standing up against bullying or reaching for your goals? Have a chat with someone about one of these topics that interest you.

Here’s your chance to show off some moves. This song has a dance routine that goes with the chorus (the section that starts with ‘Raise my voice, make a noise’), which was specially choreographed (created) by the writers Carrie and David. Once you’re familiar with the song, learn the dance moves by watching the children in the recording from Jam Theatre Company, (
Start off slowly, learning a few moves at a time, and as you get more confident, put it all together. You could do a mini performance with singing and dancing.

Song writing
The chant section is a series of statements. Try speaking them out loudly and clearly. ‘BULLYING? NO!
Can you think of other sentences you’d like to include? What about ‘TREAT PEOPLE FAIRLY? YES? LOOK AFTER THE EARTH? YES?’ Try writing four new lines for the chant section about things that you feel strongly about. Ask the question and then give the YES/NO answer. When you have written them, use the backing track to sing along using your new questions and answers, chanting them with confidence.

Goal setting
The song speaks about being the best you can: ‘I reach for my goal to be all I can be.’ Ask yourself – what are my goals?
Do you want to improve at something? Achieve a certain award? Maybe challenge yourself to learn something new? Follow these instructions:
1. Using a big bit of card or paper, make a list of five to ten things you’d like to achieve – maybe in a month, maybe in a year.
2. Decorate it with pictures and motivational words.
3. Put it up somewhere where you’ll see it every day to remind you that you can reach
for your goals and be the best you can.
4. Remember – you’ll need determination and patience. Keep going!

Power shield
This activity is about believing in yourself and finding creative ways to express yourself. Here’s what to do:
1. Using a blank A4 sheet of paper (portrait) draw the outline of a shield – fill the whole page with it. Search the internet for some images if you need inspiration.
2. Divide your shield into quarters (4 even sections).
3. In the first quarter, draw or write something you’re good at.
4. In the second, note down a place that makes you feel safe and happy.
5. The third section is for your fears or worries.
6. Use the fourth section to capture wishes and hopes.
7. If you’d like to, show someone your shield and talk through the different sections with

Positive words
Affirmations are positive sentences (or statements) that can help you build your self-esteem. They are usually spoken out loud every day to help you feel strong and confident. The lyrics of the song have some – look:

‘I believe in myself’ ‘I express how I feel’
Positive words are powerful! Make your own list of positive statements (between five and ten). You could choose from the ones below or try making up your own. These could include:
• I believe in me
• I am a good friend
• I stand up for people being treated
‘I like who I am’ ‘I’m keepin’ it real.’
• I am a good listener
• I can do hard things
• I am kind
• I try my best at work

Politician for the day
Do you know who our prime minister is? If you ran the country, what would you do to make a difference to our country? Have a think and maybe chat to someone about the things you feel strongly about. Perhaps it’s about looking after the earth or looking after animals?
Read these lyrics from the song slowly: ‘Got something to say, got a difference to make, a part I can play and a role I can take’.
Do you agree that we all have a part to play? You are part of a family, of school life, your community and the wider world. Every young person can make a difference First, think about the question – what would you do to make a difference to our country? Next, makes some short notes about what you would do and why it’s important to you. Then, have a go at turning your notes into a short speech, explaining your views clearly and calmly.
Finally, when you’ve written your speech, rehearse it a few times. Have a go at performing it to someone. You might want to dress up as a politician or imagine you’re being interviewed on TV.

Black Lives Matter- Protest songs


There are  events that are taking place in the USA, the UK and all across the world concerning the human rights of people of colour, protests and police violence.


This week we are going to learn songs about racial injustice.


Protest songs: singing for change.


Protest songs have been sung around the world for centuries, calling for social change and shining a light on injustice. Across history, protest songs have come in many shapes and sizes, from the spirituals calling for the abolition of slavery sung during America’s civil war, the solemnly adapted hymns sung by the Suffragettes of the early twentieth century, to the extraordinary anthems of America’s 1960s civil rights and anti-war movements.

Singing offers us a powerful yet peaceful way to bring our voices together in a common cause. Better still, by singing a protest song we communicate our message in a way that gets under the skin, offering an open invitation for anyone to join in at any time and any place. 


Click on the link below to access all the songs about racial injustice.


Songs about racial injustice-Sing up


Get on board, lil' children

I wish I knew (how it would feel to be free)

Lean on me 

Raise my voice 

Something inside so strong




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