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Song of the Week

Black Lives Matter- Protest songs


There are  events that are taking place in the USA, the UK and all across the world concerning the human rights of people of colour, protests and police violence.


This week we are going to learn songs about racial injustice.


Protest songs: singing for change.


Protest songs have been sung around the world for centuries, calling for social change and shining a light on injustice. Across history, protest songs have come in many shapes and sizes, from the spirituals calling for the abolition of slavery sung during America’s civil war, the solemnly adapted hymns sung by the Suffragettes of the early twentieth century, to the extraordinary anthems of America’s 1960s civil rights and anti-war movements.

Singing offers us a powerful yet peaceful way to bring our voices together in a common cause. Better still, by singing a protest song we communicate our message in a way that gets under the skin, offering an open invitation for anyone to join in at any time and any place. 


Click on the link below to access all the songs about racial injustice.


Songs about racial injustice-Sing up


Get on board, lil' children

I wish I knew (how it would feel to be free)

Lean on me 

Raise my voice 

Something inside so strong




One of the most popular songs in the Sing Up Song Bank.

Ain't no mountain high enough - Sing Up

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Song from sing up Sing Up

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'Three little birds' - Sing Up

Don't worry about a thing by Bod Marley with sign language.
This is a laid back song with a repeated verse and chorus!