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Spring 1

8th February 2022


This week the children loved getting active on the gymanastics pummel horse and springboard. They learnt to do a star jump, pencil jump and tuck jump, as well as doing a run up to spring off the springboard.

2nd February 2022


This week the children loved celebrating the Year of the Tiger for Chinese New Year. The children played in our Chinese restaurant. They loved role play, discovering new types of food and using money in the tills.They also made Chinese dragons following instructions and getting creative.

25th January 2022


The children did a very exciting science experiment this week. They mixed different coloured water with oil and noticed that it separated out. They then added different amounts of alka seltzer and observed the effects it had on the mixture. The children loved seeing it bubble over when they added lots! One said it is like a volcano!

Friday 7th January


The children have loved returning to school this week. They have settled back into their daily routines well. They have been very collaborative and engaged in building obstacle courses that stretch all around our outdoor area!