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Spring 1

Week 6 - The Tower of London


This week we went on an amazing trip to the Tower of London. We were able to see lots of the castle defence features we had learnt about in class (e.g. battlements, arrow slits, high walls…). We looked at some old armour and even visited the crown jewels. Lastly, we finished the day by having a workshop where we learnt how to be a knight in the medieval times.

Week 5  - Medieval Day!


First, we re-enacted a medieval battle using the swords and shields that we made previously. Next we set up our tables like a medieval banquet and enjoyed some delicious food. Later we practised some medieval dancing!

Week 3 & 4


We have been learning our 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables. We used number lines to skip count and learnt that multiplication is the inverse of division. Now we have learnt our times tables we need to keep practising them so that we can be more confident. Don’t forget to log in to times table rock stars and join in our weekly challenge!


Week 2 - History - Castle Defence 


This week we learnt about the defence features of a medieval castle. We spoke about the purpose of a castle as well as why and how the castle would be protected from enemies. We made our own swords and shields, which we will later use to re-enact a medieval battle. In art/DT we have been building our own castles and made sure to include all of the castle defence features we learnt about in class. 

Week 1 - English Role Play


This week we started our new text ‘The Paper Bag Princess’. We explored our text through role play. Each group took a different part of the story and practised acting it out. Each group then performed their part of the story, in order, outside on the stage.


We also completed a hot seating activity where different children got into role as the princess, the dragon and the prince. The rest of the children wrote down and asked the characters their questions and the children in the hot seat had to respond in character.