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Spring 1

Week 6 - Soapbox Workshop

Year 6 were visited by Soapbox Islington. They worked with us in an exciting workshop where we got to use VR head sets, 3D printing programmes and recording devices. It was lots of fun!

As part of our work on Kick by Mitch Johnson, we have been writing newspaper reports about the disappearance of two factory workers - Budi and Rochy - in Jakarta, Indonesia. Have a look at Alya's and Mordecai's work. We looked at many examples of newspaper reports to make sure that we included the correct features, including formal language, quotes from witnesses and a lead paragraph.

Week 5 - Science Workshop

Throughout this week and Week 6, we are learning about Evolution and Inheritance in our Science lessons. To start our topic, we were joined by Ben from City University who led a workshop all about evolution. We learnt about survival of the fittest and the ways that lizards have evolved over time. We had to draw lizards at different stages of their evolution as you can see in the photos!

Week 4 - PE Lessons


We have been learning how to play Badminton in our PE lessons. We have been working on how to serve correctly and trying to have a rally with our partner. When playing, we are considering how to show we are 'ready' on our toes, facing our partner, and how to hold the racket correctly. We will soon be moving on to playing games with a partner over a net. It has been lots of fun!

Week 3 - Practical Learning in Maths

We have been enjoying learning about geometry in our maths lessons. We found the centre of circles and then measured their radius, diameter and circumference. To find the circumference, we worked in pairs or threes to carefully position a piece of string around the circumference of the circle. We then measured the piece of string. We have also been using compasses to draw circles. Well done Year 6!

Week 2 - Cutty Sark Trip

We really enjoyed our trip to Cutty Sark in Greenwich. As part of our history and geography topic, we learnt about Cutty Sark's role in global trade. We learnt about the different cargo that Cutty Sark carried in the 19th century, where the cargo came from and why the ship was so famous and is still famous today! We go to see where the crew would sleep, the cargo crates and the amazing masts. It was really interesting learning about how Cutty Sark would move so quickly and why the ship was the shape that it is.

Week 1 - New Class Book


In Year 6, we have started to read our new class book: Kick by Mitch Johnson. We made predictions based on the front cover and blurb, looking closely at the details. We then read the first couple of chapters, considering what we know so far about the characters and particularly focusing on the character called 'The Dragon'. Using the information from the text, we wrote 'Beware of the Dragon!' posters warning the people of Jakarta about the Dragon.