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Spring 2

Week 4

In Maths we have started Multiplication. We first learnt that When you 'multiply' or 'times' a number you add it to itself a number of times, for example 4 multiplied by 3 is the same as saying 4 + 4 + 4 = 12. 

The children used whiteboards and cubes to explore this concept.

Week 3

In our art lessons we have been looking and designing different habitat homes for woodland animals.

This week we created our final design and thought about the materials and tools we will need to build our habitat home. 

Week 2

This week we visited Highgate Woods as part of our topic work on enchanted woodlands. The children gained first hand experience of being in a woodland, we used our five senses to explore. The children completed a scavenger hunt, made habitat homes and explored the many trees by completing bark rubbings. We finished the day off with stories about trees and learning a song about the different parts of a tree. 

Week 1

Forest School 

We started our session learning how to be safe in the Forest School area, We sang the Forest School song and thought about why we need to be safe outside.

Then we read ‘Our Class is a Family’ and discussed the ways that we can help each other.

In groups we thought about the different ways we might feel when we are at Forest School and how we would like to feel. 
After that we created a Forest Charter to help us look after ourselves, each other and the forest. 
It was a very windy day and we all had to work together when our tarps were being blown about by the powerful wind.