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Spring 2

Week Three


In maths this week we have been using Inspire maths to solve subtraction problems.


We learnt how to use the column method and subtract one and two digit numbers. We used practical resources to help us and recorded our answers on whiteboards before completing work in our maths practice book. 

Week Two


This week we had a fantastic trip to Highgate Wood.


We completed a scavenger hunt, explored the woods, looked for animal habitats and even built our own! We also did some bark rubbing, learnt a song and read a story.


It was a really lovely day.

Week One


This week we started our new topic 'Enchanted Woodlands'. 


We are learning about woodland habitats and so we went outside to see if we could find some habitats in our own playground. We found all sorts - trees, bird houses, a pond and a bug hotel. We also thought we found a hole that a fox or a mole had built to shelter in. 


We also had a discussion about which animals live in the woods and where there live, for example a bird lives in a nest, a frog lives in a pond. 

Week 1

Forest School

We started our session inside as it was too windy!

We talked about how to be safe outside and sang the Forest School song. 
Then we read ‘Our Class is a Family’ and discussed how it is important to help each other.

We thought about how we might feel at Forest School and how we would like to feel and then we created our Forest Charter to remind us how to Look after Ourselves, Each other and the Forest.


We had lots of fun exploring the wind and making windsocks to show the direction and strength of the wind.

We used hole punches, glue, string and we even learnt two knots, the Overhand and the Reef Knot. The reef k it was a bit tricky but we will have another turn next week. 

Testing our Windsocks