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Spring 2

Week 6

Art – Moving Monsters


In art we turned cardboard boxes into a moving monster. We used coloured paper to decorate and create features such as tails, spikes, wings and body parts. The children made the mouth move using plastic tubes with a balloon attached and selotape.

Week 5

Dance Workshop – Alice in Wonderland


This week we took part in a dance workshop. The facilitator taught us the dance step by step and showed us how to use our bodies to tell the story of Alice in Wonderland. We had so much fun practising the steps and interpreting the moves in our own way. At the end of the workshop we put all of the steps together and performed the whole routine together.


Week 4

Science Week


This week we became mad scientists and investigated plants and how they grow. We looked at seeds and compared the growth of a variety of plants and flowers. We conducted an experiment for the Science Fair where we prepared the roots of a spring onion and placed in a plastic cup with some water. The cups were covered with cling film and left in the sunlight. To our surprise, the spring onions grew.

Week 3

English - Travel Agent Role Play 


The children had great fun acting as travel agents and customers in our drama lesson. We set the scene using props to turn the classroom into travel agents. The children worked in pairs or in groups of threes to get into character. When playing the role of the customer the children had to think about questions they would be likely to ask and information they would want to know about their holiday destination. The children playing the role of the agent had to think about the selling points of each country in the United Kingdom, and use their knowledge from other lessons to persuade the customer to travel to the United Kingdom. This activity will help the children when they complete their persuasive writing about one of the four countries of the United Kingdom.

Week 2

Geography - The United Kingdom


We used atlas' and iPads to research key information about the four countries of the United Kingdom. We used the maps and atlas' to look for capital cities and flags. We used the iPads to find out the population and language spoken in each country. We worked in pairs and practiced taking turns and working together. 

Week 1 

Maths - Volume


This week we have been learning about volume and capacity in maths. We learnt the we measure volume in litres and millilitres and that capacity is how much liquid a container can hold. 



This week we went met Queen Elizabeth I at Charterhouse. She told us all about the roles of her servants and gave us some information about what life was like in her time period. We explored some old portraits and learnt about royal dinner settings.