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Spring 2

Spring 2 week 4

This week the students had the chance to plant some trees in the school grounds, this meant learning about the different trees and then thinking of the best sports to plant them in! 


Once we planted them we returned the next few days to water them and to check how they were doing!


Spring 2 week 3:

This week the students have been focusing on India! We have been looking at the different features of India and creating a country report on all the amazing things that can be found in the country. 

Spring 2- Week 2

This week the students have been focusing hard on learning about the Earth's Grid. The lines of longitude and latitude as well as the important lines that make up the Earth's Grid. The students looked at the Prime Meridian and its relationship to time zones. 


In English we have begun our journey into India. This is in preparation for writing a country report. We set up an Indian Experience in the classroom. This allowed students to explore the different affects on their senses!



Spring 2- Week 1

This week we have begun exploring the new class novel: Around the World in 80 Days. In this book there are a number of different features which have linked to both English, History and Geography lessons. 


English: In English we have been reading and understanding the novel, when it was set and the differences in the world from then and now. We also role played different parts of the story. 


Geography: We used our mapping skills to identify the journey that Phileas Fogg took. We located each country from the book and researched facts about that area.