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Spring 2

Week 4 - science fair


For Moreland science day, we made lava lamps by mixing oil and water with food colouring and vitamin C tablets. We noticed that the oil and water separated, with the water falling to the bottom of the water bottles. Then, when we added the vitamin C tablets, bubbles would form and they would rise to the top of the bottle. In the afternoon, we had the chance to teach the children in our school our lava lamp experiment! 

Week 3 - PSHE 


Today in PSHE we learnt what to do in an emergency and then we acted out situations where we would need to put people in the recovery position. We watched a video from St Johns Ambulance before putting what we had learnt into practice in partners. 

Week 2 - World Book Day 


We celebrated World Book Day today by creating our own book covers for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and in the afternoon we had a tea party, inspired by the tea party in the story. Also, we decorated biscuits which was so much fun! 

Week 1 - Mental Health Workshop


This week we benefitted from a Mental Health Workshop, where we discussed what makes us happy, we discussed the advantages of taking brain breaks in the classroom and we worked in groups and shared our ideas about our own ‘dream school.’ Thank you to the women who lead the workshop, we really enjoyed it!