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Summer 1

Week 5

Topic- History 

As part of our topic on Fossil Hunters we have been learning about Georgian houses. The children researched Georgian houses in the local area and worked in groups to create the rooms of the house.  

Week 4

Religious Education

This week in RE we focussed on how we should care for others and the world. We talked about why does it matter.

The children came up with some great idea of how we can help each other at school, at home and in the environment.

We then created our own posters about being kind.

To end our RE session we listened to a story about being kind. 

Week 3

Physical Education

In Physical Education our topic this term is Games. We warmed up our bodies by using the large climbing frame, many children found climbing on the large frame quite difficult but with determination and perseverance they managed. 

We then went into the playground and played cat and mouse- a chasing and catching game and duck duck goose.  

Week 2


On Friday we prepared the gardening beds ready for planting. The children removed all the weeds and added compost to the soil. 

We have been learning a lot about the garden over the last few weeks and how plants grow and what they need to thrive. 

The children planted runner beans, strawberries and sweetcorn and made sure they had a very big drink using the hosepipe.


We will be checking on them everyday at playtime and making sure they have plenty of water. We cant wait to watch them grow and eat our own produce.

Week 1

Fossil Hunters

This half term our topic is Fossil Hunters.

We started to learn about the life of Mary Anning and her amazing discoveries of dinosaur fossils.

Today we became Paleontologists we explore the sand and found fossilised remains of different organisms. We then worked out what these organisms were.