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Summer 1

Week 6


As part of our outdoor learning week we made shelters. We learned how tie a number of knots and made our shelters with the materials in our outdoor area.

Week 5


In year 5, we have been learning the skills of how to play cricket. We have been able to develop our skills for catching, bowling and today we were learning batting

Week 4

After learning about Shackleton's expedition and the resultant story of their struggle to survive.  We have written our own historical recounts of the journey

Week 3


For the last two weeks we have in Maths been working on converting from percentage to fractions and decimals and visa versa

Week 2


We were creating images of Icebergs with Charcoal

Week 1


We have been finding the means of numbers this week. We have developed our understanding to know that we add up all the numbers and then divide by the total number of numbers