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Summer 1

Week 6 - Mayan Chocolate Workshop

We had a chocolate workshop at school, run by The Chocolate Museum, to link to our Mayan history topic. We got to feel, smell and taste lots of chocolate, cocoa beans and cocoa nibs. Some of us were not so keen on the taste (especially the chilli and orange flavour chocolate)!! After tasting 7 different types of chocolate, we all voted for our favourite. Surprisingly, most of us liked the white chocolate the most! We then learnt about the process of making chocolate before getting to make our own! It was lots of fun and really interesting.

Week 5 - Kingswood Residential!

We had SO much fun on our residential at Kingswood. We took part in many exciting activities, such as climbing, raft building, 3G swing, roller skating, archery and bubble football. The children had a fantastic time, learning new skills and making memories with their friends.

Week 5 - British Museum Trip

As part of our AD900 topic, we visited The British Museum and took part in a workshop. We learnt about what life was like in Britain in AD900 and then compared and contrasted this with life in different parts of the world. Using pictures, artefacts and maps, we discovered what life was like in Nigeria, Mexico and Iraq. The children then worked in groups to find out about a different area of the world during AD900 and then presented their findings to the rest of the group.

Week 4 - AD900

We have started learning about our AD900 topic which covers both the Mayan and Benin civilisations. We began the topic looking at a range of sources of evidence to get us thinking about what was the most important reason for studying the Mayans: chocolate, observatories, calendar, number system, Gods, sculptures and more. We had different opinions about which was the most important and significant feature of Mayan life.

Week 3/4 - SATs Revision!

We have been working hard and preparing for our SATs this week with some extra revision. We have been doing some fun online quizzes using Kahoot and Blooket where we are answering revision questions while earning points and battling against our friends. 

Week 2 - Spanish Afternoon

We applied our Spanish language skills this week in a fun Spanish afternoon. We worked in groups at a range of activities to practise what we have learnt: conversation skills, knowledge of Spanish countries and Spanish festivals and numbers. We also got to try some traditional Spanish food.

Week 1 - Earth Day with The Garden Classroom

We had a whole school takeover with The Garden Classroom where the whole day was linked to Earth Day. Year 6 took part in a workshop where they learnt about the impact of global warming on the entire world and the different countries. They considered what different countries could do to prevent global warming, before considering their own actions and how they could help. 


We then worked on an art activity where we made billboards with messages about saving the planet. We made the billboards out of carboard, where all the letters and images had to be flipped backwards. We then rolled paint over them and printed the image onto paper. There was some amazing work from everyone!