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Summer 2

Week 5 - Stop motion animation with Discovery 

Today, we were lucky enough to be taught about stop motion animation and we even had the opportunity to create our own short animations! We had so much fun so thank you for helping us Warren! 

Week 4 - Visit to the National Gallery


Today, we were lucky enough to visit the National Gallery and see our Take One Picture, ‘A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas’ by Claude-Joseph Vernet. We were given a tour of several other seascapes and landscapes, and were reminded by our guide to always look at the position of the sun in a painting, as this will tell us what time of day it is in a painting. 

Week 3 - Symmetry in Maths 


This week we were making symmetrical patterns and shapes. We used coloured paper and scissors to create basic patterns in paper, before we experimented and became more creative with our ideas. 

Week 2 - Mental Health workshop 


Today, we were visited by two mental health experts. We played two emotions-based games with them, before they taught us different strategies to help us regulate our emotions. We also learnt that emotions are like waves and sometimes if we are feeling a scary emotion, we can remind ourselves that the feeling will pass. 

Week 1 - Forest School


On the first day back from half term, we spent the afternoon outside with Emma, learning how to make a fire safely.  We watched as Emma lit the fire and told us about the fire triangle (oxygen, heat and fuel). Then, we toasted marshmallows for s’mores and then helped Emma distinguish the fire.  What a great start to the week!