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Summer 2

Week 3

School trip to the sites of the Great Fire of London


We took the bus and were dropped off at Leadenhall Market.


We walked towards monument and up to pudding lane. We stopped to have a look at the site where the bakery used to be and where the fire started.


Next, we made our way to the river and walked along from, passing by London Bridge and all the way up to St. Pauls Cathedral. 


We stopped and discussed the different areas and how they were affected.


Week 1

Science - Everyday Materials


For our science topic this term we are looking at everyday materials and their uses. 


The children worked in pairs to explore different objects we have in the school and discussed their properties. We were looking to see if the objects were soft, hard, waterproof, absorbent, rough smooth, flexible, elastic and squishy.


As we explored the objects we completed a table to show their properties.

We also learnt about how the shapes of objects made from some materials can be changed.


We had a selection of different objects which were all made from different materials. We worked in pairs to squash, bend, twist and stretch each object. We then completed a table with our findings.


Finally, we discussed our results and the reasoning behind them which  you will find on the next few pages…