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Summer 2





This term we have been learning how to play cricket with the support of Middlesex cricket club. We have been learning different skills such as batting and bowling to help us with our game play. Enjoy the pictures of our lesson!



The Museum of Docklands


This term we have been learning all about the waterways of London. We have looked into the ways rivers are used and the historical importance of the Thames river. Today we visited The Museum of Dockland. We looked at the 19th century change to London's river and port when a huge docks complex was built on the Isle of Dogs, new bridges spanned the Thames and a tunnel was dug beneath it. We were able to see artefacts and track the history of the Thames. We all had a really great day! 



Thames Explorer Trust


Today we visited the river Thames to do some mudlarking.  Each day the outgoing tide reveals a different array of artefacts from all areas of history. We discovered why things would wash up on the banks of the thames and were surprised to see the amount of different artifacts we could find. From bones and pottery to bricks and shells we could find out small snippets from the past! 





London Bridge 


Today we visited London Bridge as part of our Waterways of London topic. We are investigating the importance of the Thames in London. We explored the reasons for the bridge's construction and steam powered process to raise it. We found out who was involved in building the bridge and noticed all the famous landmarks along the River Thames.

We all loved the glass floor across the to walkway! 



This week we have been learning all about the river Thames. We learnt about the importance of tower bridge, the rivers significance in the development of London and its role within trade. We got into groups and worked together to create our own posters using our new found knowledge. We then joined up with our partner year 3 class and presented our findings. We were so brave standing up and speaking about the facts we had found out!


Back to School 


This week we have hit the ground running with our summer term. We have been really busy throwing ourselves into our new topic, The waterways of London. 


In maths we started our learning about time. We started reading the time on an analogue clock, before moving on to drawing the hands on a clock face to show a specific time. 


In English we started our new book The River by Marc Martin. We have investigated the symbolism and imagery shown in the story. We also picked out different sections and imagined we were there. Thinking about the feelings we would have. 


In PSHE we learnt all about money. We thought about all the things we have to spend money on. We then made a guess about how much each one would cost. We picked a job and got paid before choosing how we wanted to spend or save our money! 


What a busy week!