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Summer Term Topic

This term our topic is Seasides. The children will be learning all about where seaside towns are located, what human and physical features you can see at the seaside and what seaside holidays are like today and what they were like in the past.

See the Knowledge Organiser below for all the things that children will be learning.

Activity 1- Geography

Find out about the location and names of the seas around the British Isles. Look at the map below and find the names of the seas. If you have a printer you can print the worksheet and label it.

Activity 2- Geography

Now do some research and find out about some of the seaside towns around the UK. Have a look on the following websites and look at the pictures of the different seaside spots.

  • Can you find them on the map?

Activity 3- Geography

  • Which seaside location would you most like to visit? Can you make a poster with some facts about it.
  • Can you use google earth to find the nearest seaside town to Moreland Primary School (put the school postcode in to find where it is -  EC1V 8BB)

Activity 4 - Geography

Find out more about the geographical features of coasts and seaside locations.

Watch the videos about seaside locations and then have a look at the slides showing the man made and natural features you might find there.

BBC Schools: Barnaby Bear - Episode 1 'Seaside'

Uploaded for the fans, please contact me if you have any issue with this being uploaded.

Coastal Features - which are man made and which are natural?

Activity 5- Geography

Try labelling this picture with the different features you can see.

Activity 6 - History

Find out about seaside holidays today and what they were like in the past. Have you ever been on holiday or visited the seaside? What did you see? What did you do?


Draw a picture of what you would pack in your suitcase to go on a seaside holiday.


Activity 7- History


Look at these photographs of seaside holidays. They are from different times but they are muddled up. Can you sort them out and say which were taken in the present (nowadays), in the past 50 years ago and in the past over 100 years ago. How do you know?

Activity 8- History

Try one of these activities below. Sort out which seaside activities and objects were from the past, which are from the present and which are from both. Use the photos to help you figure it out. Explain how you worked it out.

Activity 9 - History 

You are going to find out what it was like at the seaside 100 years ago. Have a look at these different sources of evidence that show us about what a seaside holiday was like in Victorian times. 

What kind of clothes did people wear at the seaside?

What activities did they do?

What entertainment was there?


Can you draw a picture of a Victorian Seaside.

Professor Henry Bailey's Punch & Judy show, Buxton, Derbyshire, 1901

Activity 10 - History 

How do we know about what it was like at the seaside in the past? Look at some of the different sources of evidence below that show us about seaside holidays in the past. How many different kinds of sources can you see?

Sources of evidence


Victorian Seaside video

Activity 11- History

Another way we can find out about the past is to talk to people who were there. Try talking to people in your family about the seaside or other holidays they have been on when they were young. Ask if they have any photographs you can look at.


Here are some pictures of Catherine’s family at the seaside at different times in the past. Can you spot Catherine!