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Indian Afternoon
This term, we have been exploring an adventure novel “Around the World in 80 Days” by French writer Jules Vern. For Topic, we have been researching different countries and places, with the main focus on India. Ash class loved our colourful Indian Afternoon! They enjoyed learning Bollywood dances, making rangoli patterns, exploring Indian artefacts and language. They were amazed by silky, colourful saris and couldn’t believe how sweet are Indian Mithai.

Transport Museum

Today, we created our AshTransport Museum! First, we identified and classified different types of transportation. Then, we explored how different inventors contributed to the creation and development of different modes of transport. After that, we put all the ideas together to create our own Transport Museum!

We organized it by vehicle, added some models and our beautiful colourings, and arranged it in a way that our visitors will understand.

We enjoyed learning about the amazing history of transportation!

Times Zones

We are learning about time zones and why time is different in different parts of the world. To illustrate time zones and to understand it better we made our own world clocks. We are going to use them to find the time in another countries.