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Week 1 (20.4.20-24.4.20)

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda Armitage


This term our new text is 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda Armitage'


Our writing goal for the end of the term is to be able to write instructions. 


You can listen to the story being read here:


You can also read the story below:

Activity 1:


Read the story.

Think about the key characters and key parts of the story. 

Have a look through the word mats below:

Activity 2


Read or listen to the story again. 

Below you will find a blank storyboard. You need to sequence the story into the correct order. 

You can either draw your own pictures or use the pictures provided. 


When you are finished upload your story board to the new class blog so I can see your wonderful work!

Activity 3


As we are working towards writing instructions, we must first understand how to recognise and use imperative verbs. 


The video below explains what an imperative verb is:


The imperative verb song:

Once you have looked through the videos, have a look at the powerpoint below. This will give you some more information about imperative verbs. 


Complete the activities on the slides.

Activity 4


Watch the videos above or look at the powerpoint again to remind yourself what an imperative verb is. 


Then complete the worksheet below. Don't worry if you cannot print the worksheet, write your answers on another piece of paper.