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Week 10 - wk beginning 29.6.20

This week in maths we will be continuing to look at number. 


Activity One

Use a long strip of paper. Write numbers 1-20 along your piece of paper and then cut them up. Ask an adult to muddle up the numbers- can you put them in the right order? Your adult could time how long it takes to put them in the right order? Can you get faster the more you practise?


Activity Two

Make some number flowers. You can draw circles and write a number on the middle then you could draw or finger paint the right number of petals. You could cut out circles and then put a number in the middle and stick on the right number of petals. Perhaps you could make a number garden with all of your flowers.


Activity Three

Go for a walk around your local environment. How many numbers can you see? Can you write them down or take photos of them? When you get home talk about the numbers you saw. Can you put the numbers you saw in order from smallest you biggest?


Activity Four

Write down numbers 1-20 on post it notes. Stick your post it note numbers onto individuals toys. Can you put the toys in order from smallest number to biggest number? Close your eyes and ask an adult to take one of the toys away. Which number is missing?


Activity Five

Roll two dice. Add the two numbers that you have rolled together. Write a number sentence and show us the answer!