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Week 11 ( 06.07.20-10.07.20)

Monday 6th July


Read the story ‘The Very Busy Spider’ and clarify the main vocabulary.

Main vocabulary: Wind, blow, field, thin, silky, thread, land, fence, spin, web, meadow.


Tuesday 7th June


Re-read the story and try to retell it using your own words supporting yourself with this picture.


Wednesday 8th June


Make props for the story by drawing the animals from the story and sticking them into lolly sticks.


Thursday 9th July


Using the props you made yesterday for the story ‘The Very Busy Spider’ re-enact the story. Please film your re-enactment and upload the film on to Tapestry.


Friday 10th July


Can you draw and label a spider (legs, eyes…)? Someone can scribe what you say when labelling or you can try to label the spider yourself. What is special about your spider? Can you explain?