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Week 11 - wk beginning 6.7.20

Activity One

Draw and/ or cut out a large circle... imagine this is a delicious cake! You can have 10 decorations on the top. Can you investigate different ways of making 10 using two different coloured decorations e.g. 4 red + 6 blue= 10 in total. How many different ways of making 10 can you find?


Activity Two

Make a number bond rainbow. Draw a rainbow and label the colours 0-5 on the left hand side. Then work out which numbers need to come at the end of the rainbow to make 10.


Activity Three

Make some number bond ladybirds. They should have 10 spots in total. How many different arrangements of spots can you find to make 10?


Activity Four

Think about your number bond learning from this week. Which numbers make 10? Record all the combinations of number bonds to 10.


Activity Five

Enjoy this episode of Numberblocks all about the number 10!