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Week 11 - wk beginning 6.7.20

Activity One

Eat a piece of fruit (that's not a banana!) and find the seeds/stone. How many can you find? Plant one. Write down what you think will happen.


Activity Two

Go for a walk and find a plant (there might be one in your house). Can you draw and label it? Does it look different to other plants?

Activity Three

Imagine your seed has grown into a flower and then produced lots of seeds. Where has the wind taken all of the seeds? It could be all different places e.g. one seed might go up into space and another goes in the park. Make a list of all the different places. 

Activity Four

Imagine a flower fairy has cast a spell over the seed you are growing. What might the spell be and what might the seed grow into. For example the fairy might cast a spell to make the seed grow into an ice cream!


Activity Five