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Week 12 (13.07.20 - 17.07.20)

Monday 13th July

This term we have been learning about counting, number, shape and repeating patterns. We will recap these this week.
For today count how many footsteps it takes to walk from your kitchen to your bathroom. Can you represent the amount of footsteps by writing the number or making marks on paper?
Can you count the number of footsteps it takes to get from your front door to the street, stairs or lift? Represent this number on paper also.

Tuesday 14th July

Take a walk in your local area. Count how many red cars you see. Do the same with blue cars and black cars.
Can you count how many buses you see? Try counting vans, lorries, bikes and airplanes.

Wednesday 15th July

Get an adult to write the numbers 1 - 10 on paper (or have a go yourself). Underneath each number draw dots to represent each amount.

Thursday 16th July


Can you name four 2D shapes?
​Can you draw a circle, a square, a rectangle and a triangle? Count how many sides each shape has. Count how many corners each shape has?
Which one of these shapes had no corners?

Friday 17th July


Have another go at drawing or creating a repeating pattern. Use 2 colours to repeat or 2 objects to repeat.
Can you try using 3 colours or objects to repeat?