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Week 12 - wk beginning 13.7.20

Activity One

Play guess my number with your adult. They can give you clues and you have to guess the number. Then you give them some clues and see if they can guess the number you are describing.


Activity Two

Cut out some squares, triangles, rectangles and circles. Can you use your shapes to make a picture of a sandcastle? Can you

then rearrange your shapes to make a different sandcastle? How many different sandcastles can you make?


Activity Three

Add some detail to your sandcastle by adding more shapes, for example a flag. You can use two colours in your flag-how many different ways can you find to colour in your flag?


Activity Four

Imagine you are having a tea party. There are 4 guests at the party. Each guest needs to have: 2 cupcakes 4 biscuits 1 drink 2 straws 5 sweets 3 strawberries Can you work out how many of each treat you need to buy from the shop? Can you make a shopping list?


Activity Five

Enjoy some Numberblocks!