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Week 2


Carrying on from last week. We are going to start to look at the book about Shackleton’s journey

Have a look at these recordings of the videos and think about the following questions:

What sort of people would they be looking for to take part in the expedition?

What skills would the people need?


Remember the advert from last week


You have received a letter saying that your application has been considered and you are invited for an interview with Shackleton and Second-in-Command Frank Wild.


Can you create 5 questions that you would ask a candidate for the journey?

e.g. Why are you applying for this position? What is your greatest fear?


Day 2

Watch this clip about Shackleton’s ship. Think about 3 interesting facts you can discover about it

Now watch a video of the equipment that they took on the journey

Think about which items you would choose to take on the journey. Think about how the weight of everything would have to be taken.


Have a look at the picture and pick 9 pieces of equipment, if you want you can use my list from below


Equipment and creature that Shackleton took on the journey


Snow shoes


British Flag

Tinned cans of food




Musical instruments


Can you order the equipment in the following pattern? Make sure you can explain why you have put it in the order you have.

Day 3 and 4

Shackleton has created his crew, and now he needs a ship. Can you create a sales brochure for the Polaris (the original name of the ship) Think about how you would sell the ship?

Begin by using Grill’s explanation to create a list of its selling points that would benefit Shackleton’s mission. Try to include some these techniques in your writing:

i) Emotive language / rhetorical questions (‘Do you fear that your expedition will end in tragedy?’, ‘Are you concerned for the safety of your crew?’)

ii) Exaggeration (‘Polaris is the strongest ship ever built.’)

iii) Cause-and-effect connectives (‘If you purchase this ship, then you can be certain of success’)

iv) Mixing fact and opinion (Its joints are cross-braced for extra strength. We think it is one of the best-designed ships currently available.’)

v) Using modal verbs (‘Experts agree this could be the ship to save you.’)

vi) Use second-person perspective to address the reader (‘You will not regret your choice.’)

vii) Imperative verbs instructing the potential purchaser (‘Act now to avoiding missing out on this exceptional vessel.’)

Start this writing on Wednesday and try to finish it on Thursday. Can you include pictures with your writing?

Day 5

Today can you do the bitesize lesson?